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Open End Funds | JS Growth Fund (JS GF)
The main objective of JS GF is to enable the Certificate Holders to participate in a diversified portfolio of high quality equity securities listed on the stock exchanges and to maximize the investment return, by prudent investment management. UTP-GF seeks to achieve long term growth in the value of the investment that is aimed to out perform the underlying inflation rate in Pakistan as well as most of the other types of investments available.

                                  Term Sheet        Fund Manager Report

Fund Name JS Growth Fund
Fund Type Open End - Equity
Fund Rating* 4 Star (1 Year) , 4 Star (3 Year) , 2 Star (5 Year)
Investment Manager JS Investments Limited
Launch Date July 20, 2013
Financial Year End June 30
Benchmark KSE - 30 Index
Par Value Rs 100
Minimum Period Not Applicable
Minimum Investment 1
Front End Load 3.0 %
Back End Load None
Management Fee 2.00% of Average Annual Net Assets
Pricing Daily via newspapers or website
Trustee/Custodian MCB Financial Services Limited
Auditors Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, Chartered Accountants
Risk Profile High
Regulator Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
Taxation Exempt on distribution of 90% of profits as dividends
Listing LSE
Net Assets as on 31 October 2015 PKR 2310.0 mn
NAV as of 01 December 2015 149.25

* Based on Performance Review for the period ended June 30, 2014